General information
Elitel sp. z o.o. online shop is an on-line platform for selling   variety of modems, converters and lan extenders.
Elitel sp. z o.o. online shop reserves the right to update, improve, move or remove information about products and services at any time without notice and cannot guarantee that the information published is accurate and complete.

    1. General conditions
       1.1  Any user wishing to order and purchase a product/service online has  to agree with the General Conditions for the Elitel online shop.
       1.2  Elitel sp. z o.o. online shop reserves the right to make changes of the published products or services, prices, specifications and other information without prior notice to users.
       1.3 The total value of the order does not include the cost of delivery.

    2. Ordering
       2.1 The user can buy goods and services online from httpp:// after sending  email to
       2.2 The User who confirms the order, agrees with the General Terms and Conditions of the Elitel sp. z o.o. online shop.
       2.3 By correct placed order the User/from that moment called Client/receives confirmation (proforma invoice) at the indicated in the e-mail address with details: order number, selected products, value without and with VAT, the total value of the order and the shipping address.
       2.4 When ordered products are out of stock Elitel sp. z o.o. notifies the Customer, specifying additional options for the order and approximate delivery time.
       2.5 The Sales contract is concluded only after the specific Order is confirmed by Elitel sp. z o.o., and this binds the Client to pay for the confirmed products/services.
       2.6 In case of incorrectly completed customer data Elitel sp. z o.o. will cancel the incoming order, which automatically terminates the sales Contract at a distance.

       2.7 Paying by bank transfer, the Client pays to the bank account of Elitel sp. z o.o. an amount, equal to the value in the proforma invoice of the goods supplied and only after payment is confirmed as received and bank account is credited with the amount Elitel sp. z o.o. performs the delivery of ordered goods and services.
    3. Delivery
       3.1 The delivery is made by one of the proposed by Elitel sp. z o.o. ways chosen by the customer (delivery by courier, by post).
Delivery could be chosen by the Client from the offered by Elitel sp. z o.o. options (by courier, by post)
       3.2 The Client pays delivery cost to the courier (for shipments abroad the delivery cost is included on a separate line in the invoice or the customer could use his own courier services).
       3.3 Elitel sp. z o.o. is not responsible for delays caused by the actions of a courier or forwarding agent.
       3.4  In case of delay of delivery caused by Elitel sp. z o.o., we are obliged to inform the Client as soon as possible.
       3.5  Upon receiving the shipment the Client/receiver checks the goods for any transport or other damages in the presence of the courier, and if necessary claims to the person, delivered the goods and immediately notifies Elitel sp. z o.o. by e-mail
       3.6 Upon receiving the goods, the Client /receiver is obliged to sign the accompanying documents.
       3.8 Elitel sp. z o. o. is not responsible for not completing the contract in case of wrong entered information by the Client (wrong address, contact person, phone number).
       3.9 If the Customer does not make contact to Elitel sp. z o. o. to clarify the delivery details, the contract for sale of distance shall be automatically terminated and Elitel sp. z o. o. is released from the obligation to deliver the order.
       3.10  If the Client refuses to accept the ordered goods, the sales contract of distance shall be automatically terminated and the person making the shipment returns it to Elitel Sp. z o. o.
       3.11 The risk of loss or damage of goods passes from Elitel Sp. z o. o. on the Client at the time he or a person appointed by him accepts the goods.

    4. Claims and refusal
       4.1  Upon receiving the shipment the Client / receiver is obliged to review it in the presence of the courier. If he finds any visible defects (inconsistent with the stated purchase, impaired packaging, transport defects, missing accessories, missing supporting documents), both shall sign a statement for the presence of shortages or defects.
       4.2  In case the Client / recipient doesn’t check the goods and doesn’t make a claim, the goods are deemed approved and the Client loses the right to claim at a later stage.
       4.3  For hidden defects (manufacturing discrepancies, difference in parameters, deformed or oxidized terminals, etc.) the Client may claim in writing within 14 days by completing the feedback form. Elitel sp. z o. o. will respond with the next action on the claim within two working days.
       4.4 The claim may be denied when the problem is caused by: improper storage or transport, damage from misuse, power surges, floods, lightning, fire and other force majeure.
       4.5 The Client, who has the quality “consumer” under the Consumer Protection Act, has the right, without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to withdraw from the contract for the purchase of goods and to return the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt.
The Client should send a statement of withdrawal from the contract and return the goods  in their original packages and tags, not used, without damaged or treated in any way, intact, fully equipped with all accompanying documents, including instructions for use, declaration of conformity, warranty card, and all other conditions of Article 55 of the Law on consumer protection.
The Client pays the costs for returning the goods! Elitel sp. z o. o. reserves the right to refuse to receive for its own account refused goods. After receiving and checking the returned goods Elitel sp. z o. o. reimburses the cost of the goods (without the cost of the return shipping) no later than 14 days from the date on which the Client has sent the statement of withdrawal from the contract.
       4.6  Elitel sp. z o.o. reserves the right to demand compensation for damaged or missing accessories, product disturbed appearance, or to refusal, if this is not the same product.
       4.7  Refund of bank transferred money will be made by us with a credit transaction to the same bank account.

    5. Privacy
       5.2 By accepting these General conditions the Client issues indefinitely and unconditionally consent, his personal data to be collected, stored, processed and used by Elitel sp. z o. o.  and authorized by third parties: courier companies, banks and others for implementation of the contract for distance selling, for promotions, marketing activities and others not prohibited by the law targets, organized by Elitel sp. z o o.. Elitel sp. z o. o. expressly declares to the Client that his personal data shall not be surrendered to third parties for advertising purposes.
       5.3 Elitel sp. z o. o. declares to the Client that it has implemented technical and organizational measures, such as limited access, "firewalls", encryption and data backup that protect personal data from loss, manipulation and access by unauthorized persons.
       5.4 The Client may request at any time a written revocation his personal data not to be used and stored by Elitel sp. z o. o. as a data administrator.
       5.5Elitel sp. z o. o. reserves the right to use the IP addresses and other personal data of the Client to disclose his identity in the event that it is necessary to implement the law, legal procedures to ensure compliance with these Terms.